About us:

    “Youth Revival Christian Club” ministry was established in October 2012 by Evangelist Rashman Younas and Waqas Akbar.
This vision was ministry was taking by seeing our deprived youth whom weren’t enough educated and pushed back from jobs those have a little bit of education. They haven’t many resources to maintain their life and family. In educated Christian youth’s life was not any vision and motive of their life.         

The same thing was with girls too. In the initial stage, we took steps to help evangelical events for spiritual revival and gather all the nation on one platform. These events were held by personal pocket money and donations. Having these crusades we plan to enable our Christian youth and equipping them with technical education and evangelism to fulfill Christian life purpose in their lives.        

This ministry includes an introduction to “Youth Revival Christian Club” it performs multiple motives for youth, child, and welfare being. It deals with youth issues with their rights and prestige jobs. Works on drug addiction youth. It’s a non-profit ministry that runs via donations and charity.       Our objective for our youth is development in Christ. We need to see unsaved, unchurched, and egotistical young men and young ladies be changed by God into people of God who are a guide to all the adherents (1 Timothy 4:12).    

We prepare youth for compelling youth service by acquainting understudies with formative attributes, service methods of reasoning and systems, and program arranging approaches that are basic to youth service.